Oh the horrors of car shopping

No, I don’t have a car yet.

I am, however, on the look. I thought I would do a what I did, how I felt about it, and what I got piece once I have the car. Still, today I thought I would talk about the first day.

I have been reading up cars for quite a while now. I know what we want. I know what we need. I know how much we can afford. And, I wanted to test drive.

Just because I want to ask my chilean- or married to chilean– readership, I am going to put in this aside. My chilean husband thought this was enough. We had a topic pick, we should just buy it. He was not all that into the idea of test driving and seeing if we liked how the car felt. He basically said you just drive what is in front of you and get over the stuff you don’t like. Anyone else had that experience?

Anyways, we test drove cars of the following types: Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Hyundai, and Toyota. Overall, we had great sales people…

But there is always one…

We had one older white man who clearly looked at us (young white woman and young Hispanic male) and decided off the bat he wasn’t going to make a sale. He barely even went through the motions. Mostly, he wanted to know what color car I wanted. I told him that color really didn’t matter and I was more interested in the AWD or 4WD, the type of engine, and the safety features. Once we had test drove one car, he asked if I wanted to test drive the exact same car in white to see if I liked the other color better. Exact same car, no extras, no changes, just color. Ugh!

Needless to say he was frustrating. Also, I didn’t really like the dashboard of that car.



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