A little tale of toiletpaper and a holiday party

Before I left for Moldova, I saw a picture of Moldova with an old lada driving with HUGE packages of toilet paper on top. I got quite a laugh out of it.

I got to Moldova and my laughter quickly turned to tears. The toilet paper was rough and sandpaper like. Sometimes, it was not toilet paper, but rather old paper. The glossy magazine pages were the worst.

My friends, Dan and Helen, get huge props for sending me soft toilet paper (2 large boxes) to Moldova.  I used it sparingly and treasured it.  Yes, I realize that sounds pathetic, but please, don’t judge until you have lived it.  Or just use newspaper, magazine pages and sandpaper for a week and then get back to me.

I have found that similarly, around the world, I have run into the same problem. I even have complaints about the toilet paper in the Frankfurt airport. I mean, I am not that picky— or, maybe I am.

New topic: Holiday party.

I got hired with a great group of 40 people. We had a little holiday shindig two weeks ago (take a look at the previous post for a picture).

Part of the shindig was a secret holiday gift exchange. These were the exact directions given:

If you wish to participate in the secret santa gift exchange, please bring a wrapped gift (no more than $5-$10) which you would consider a “necessity” to take overseas.

Eleven people participated.  We were each given a number.  The first person choose a gift and opened it.  The next person could “steal” someone’s already opened gift thus allowing them to choose another wrapped gift, or could pick their own wrapped gift to open.  First person opens.  She gets toilet paper, a plastic bag, a bag of candies for the kiddies, and a bag of coins to tip.  Second person opens a bag.  She gets 4 rolls of toilet paper and some Kazakhstani chocolate.  The 11th person also got toilet paper.

See! I am not the only one.



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