Dirty little secret

I have a dirty little confession to make— I am absolutely addicted to Glee. For those of you who haven’t seen it– please do so now, before anything else. Actually, let me give you three small tastes and then tell you (1) why I love it and (2) how big of a drama geek I was in high school.

Taste One:

Taste two:

Taste three:

I think I love Glee for the same reasons I think it can be dangerous and will, at times, be misunderstood.  I think the show is really smart.  It has real messages about how cruel high school can be and how racist/homophobic/able-bodied-ist/classsist etc that Americans can be.  Take for example the character Sue. I think she says what a lot of people in America think but have learned to not say.  I think it also shows how her views are completely insensitive and inappropriate.

I also love Glee for the song numbers.  Not just the rehearsed ones, but the ones where a character breaks into song and wheels or dances him or herself through the school showing why he or she feels that way.  It is the same thing I loved in both Ally McBeal and Eli Stone.

Also… I will admit… I can relate to the characters— although I never had that good of friends in high school.  But, I was in the drama club and it was a safe place for me to be who I was. I loved the music, the glamor, the costumes, the show of it all. Our school did 4 plays, at least, per year including 1 major musical and 1 talent show.  In the talent show, I tap danced and juggled almost every year.  I also went to the international thespian convention. Okay, photographic proof:



  1. I feel like I am the only one in the world who hasn’t seen this show yet. Maybe that’s becuase it’s just debuting on Chilean television this week. I’m psyched.

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