Do you know what makes me mad?

Some one is stealing our newspaper. I got S a subscription for 26 weeks and three times in the past 2 weeks it has been stolen. In fact, any day we were not out our door by 7am it was gone!

S told me someone was stealing it. Being that we living in an apartment building, this means it was a neighbor (most of the staff wouldn’t be in early enough). I didn’t want to believe him

Now, I have to.

Today, I got up and walked the dog. On the way out, I stepped over the paper. On the way back in, I considered grabbing it. I didn’t, because usually S grabs it on the way to class. I figure this way he would grab it and I wouldn’t miss place it. 20 minutes later we left the house– the paper was gone!

I am appalled. How much does a paper cost? Can’t they read it online or buy their own?

So… blog readers… what should I do? Get up early and stare out the peephole until I catch the thief in action? Post a nasty not telling said someone to stop stealing my f***ing paper? Post a nice note asking said person to leave my paper alone?



  1. That is so freaking annoying ESPECIALLY because you know it’s one of your jerk neighbors. Last year in Santiago I left my good umbrella outside my apt door to dry and when I left the house again it was gone. I wanted to throw a fit especially since then I was stuck buying a really crappy umbrella.

    If I were you I wouldn’t waste my time or energy staring out the peephole unless you really have the ganas to shame someone. (Which would actually be kind of cool.) I would first leave a nice note and then if it keeps on happening, leave a note that says exactly where you’re going to stick the paper if you catch them stealing it again.

  2. I’m sort of mean so I would probably wait for the person to show up and then jump out and take a Polaroid.

    For real though you should leave a note or something.

    When I was young my dad had a huge wood pile on the side of our house. One day, my parents noticed that it was dwindling, but we weren’t using it. My dad watched outside one morning and saw our neighbor jump over our fence, grab a few logs, and then jump back over the fence and run into his house. My dad decided not to confront the neighbor becuase he had just gotten out of jail, but he did move the woodpile to a less accessible area.

  3. Hello, I just started reading your blog and find it fascinating. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about studying abroad in Chile? I tried emailing you but I don’t know if I sent it to the right email. It was only a couple of days ago so I’m not in a hurry for a response, I just didn’t know if I sent correctly.
    P.S. stealing newspapers….sad and a little pathetic.

  4. That is so frustrating! I thought someone was stealing my paper in DC, but I just think the delivery person wasn’t coming every day. I was infuriated, though!

    Can you ask your newspaper person to knock on your door each morning so you can grab it? I know it sucks, but I would rather grab the paper and go back to bed than know that some jerk was reading my paper. You could also post a note, but it the person is a jerk to begin with, he or she is going to continue stealing it.

    Good luck, C!

  5. they’re stealing it for the same reason why you have a subscription… they like having a physical paper to read, and they get it for FREE this way. i’d seriously get up early to catch the perpetrator, but that’s just me.

  6. Post a nice (BIG) note on your door that says – “thou Shalt not steal” with a smiley face next to it – or – stake out the door from your peep hole and sick your dog on the rat bastard

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