Kids in motion: It is only natural

Kids in motion, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

Me in motion— constant motion— less natural.

S looks at pictures of when I was a kid (only when I make him) and hears stories from my family; he always has the same response: Did you use up all your energy as a kid/teen?

Yes, I was overinvolved. Yes, I was an over archiver. Yes, I spread my self too thin. Yes, I am over that.

I like sleep and rest and watching movies. I am not involved in 10 million activities and I am not the chair, co-chair, or organizer of everything around me.

It is better this way.

But my new Russian class (the one way above my level as opposed to the one way below my level) is absolutely exhausting, but it does keep me in constant motion.


One comment

  1. Thats so cool you’re learning Russian! I’m jealous. I’d like to learn another language, preferably a more “exotic” one like Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Quechua, or Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe).

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