Where on earth is Kazakhstan?

Before I moved to Cambodia, I uploaded a map. It seems to have been a good idea. Since I know that various readers have recently discovered where Kazakhstan was (after looking it up after reading my posts), I thought I should put up a map of Central Asia here.


I found this map here.

You may notice that the map shows all of Central Asia.  While I will be living in Almaty (starting next summer), I will be working on programs in each of the 5 ‘Stans (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Hopefully I will be able to publish pictures and tidbits from all five.  For now, at least you know where they are.



  1. I thought you just joined whatever agency you joined – and they’re already sending you abroad? How do you feel about going to Kazakhstan? Aren’t you more into Latin America? My pastor is from K’stan (a “German Russian” as they call them here) – I can connect you on FB if you like. He’s fluent in English, spent some time in the States… All the best!

  2. But, aren’t you having an easier time explaining Kazakhstan versus Moldova? They may not know where it is, but at least they’ve heard of it! I still say Moldova to people and automatically have to say, “A small little country between Romania and the Ukraine”

  3. Thanks Claire for sharing where you are. I don’t get to travel much outside of Texas so I am living vicariously through your blog. I appreciate your musings!! ~ Tiffany

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