Possible MSW series

I have been thinking about trying to put together a series of blog posts entitled “I am a social worker too”.  What I want to do is highlight the diversity of fields that social workers work in and that people with MSWs can apply for.  Too often I think the outside view about social workers is limited and isolating.  Certainly in the international development field people are often surprised to learn I am an MSW.  Since my blog is about a huge range of topics, I thought this could be a good series of pieces.  My idea is to interview (via a questionnaire) anyone who wants to tell their story and is a MSW. I have already sent this out to some people (one person has responded  — thanks Bro. Brian–and another plans too) and will be tagging all kinds of MSWs on my Facebook page with this link.  I hope to get people in more traditional jobs and people in all sorts of fields. (I also hope to get more than two people).

I would not force people to give any information they didn’t want to: for example, I can do the piece without giving the person’s name or the organization they work for’s name.  People can be as general or specific as they want in answering questions with the idea that this will be public.

If you think you would be interested, please fill out any of the questions below and return them to me.  Also, please share this with any other MSWs you know who might be interested— this does not need to just be people I know. Skip any questions you are not interested in. Add any you think I have missed.

Please only answer the questions you want to and give the info you are comfortable sharing.

  1. Name (if you want to give it or a fake name):
  2. What are you passionate about?
  3. Why did you want to be a social worker?
  4. What education do you have? (MSW, Ph.D.)
  5. How do you think being a social worker changed you?
  6. Where do you work (name of org, type of org, whatever you are comfortable with sharing)?
  7. What is the best part of your job?
  8. What is the worst part of your job?
  9. Why does your job matter?
  10. How does being a social worker make you better at your job?
  11. What would you change in the world if you could?
  12. What do you wish the world knew about social work?
  13. Add any other question(s) here that you think I should have asked you

If you want to add a photo of yourself or your work, please do so.

Please email responses to claresays @ gmail . com

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