More Proof

Yesterday we got more proof that S is now, and always has been, the favorite uncle/aunt.

A while back I mentioned that Niece started buying Christmas gifts for the family. The first year I was left off, but my dog, Harley, made the list. Last year, I, again, was left off—or rather left in the other aunt category, and both Harley and S made the list.  To tell you the truth—I am not offended or surprised.  The girl has a love of dogs you can spot miles away and S is just really really good with kids.

Yesterday was Niece and Nephew’s final soccer game of the year.  It was also the first one that S could attend.  They were both overjoyed to have him there. Also, we got great proof that S is still the favorite of favorites:

  • Nephew is studying Spanish.  At his parent-teacher conference, my sister was told that Nephew had great motivation to learn Spanish so he could speak to his Uncle.
  • Niece played her whole soccer game using one of S’s scrunchies for good luck. She also went around telling her whole team about her special S hair tie.

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