For the love of George!

Grad school was a good time for me.  Everything slowly came together: work, studies, future, friends.  I loved the flexibility that my program had– that I could individualize, choose my classes, and complete my practicum abroad. I was stimulated mentally by both teachers and classmates. And, perhaps best of all, I had great friends.

Grad school

Looking back at life, grad school was the first time I had a truly cohesive group of friends that were mine.  They got along. They weren’t psychologically abusive. We had fun, whether at PBR Wednesday or walking through the park.  I haven’t stayed in touch with all of them– some, like Masuda, I wish I could fine. Some, like Senik, I have worried about as they returned to their home countries. Others are simply facebook friends or an email here or there.

My graduate school was filled with many wonderful people– a fair number of them were international students. I am not convinced that there is something about the students at GWB (George Warren Brown School of Social Work— now know as Brown School).  I met an alumna here in Almaty. She was one of the international students a few years before me. Like my friends, she is a fun, intelligent, compassionate woman.  She has  introduced me to her friends and taken me around Almaty.  Its nice to know that when I move here next summer, I will have friends waiting.



  1. You know, I feel a similar way about my grad school friends. Everyone really gets along well, there’s litte pettiness, everyone is really supportive. Maybe we’re just finally grown up 🙂

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