Return to the age of play dough

I might have mentioned that I have a new job. One of the part of new jobs that I always forget is how much training is involved. This job, in particular, has a lot of organized training as opposed to on-the-job training. Much of this training is in the basement– and that is where I have found myself this week.

Yesterday, after lunch, we found play dough on the table. During the afternoon, we managed to make:

  • Three kidneys
  • A pile of hearts
  • A heart with lines coming off it
  • Pac-man
  • Pac-Man’s set including things for Pac-Man to eat and the dots
  • A puking face
  • A big body for the head
  • A small body for the head with ground to stand on
  • And a palm tree next to the person
  • And a bucket for the puke
  • An ice cream cone
  • A blueberry pie where each blueberry was rolled separately
  • A bowl of cereal with a big spoon

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