Daily Archives: August 10, 2009

Harley, the pup, learns to walk


When Harley was a little pup, she was run over by a big, bad tractor. I put her in a shoe box. When she was better. She climbed out of the shoebox and re-learned to walk. This is her journey.

**Video credits to Jason. Thank you! Harley was actually born under the woodshed in the back of Jason’s host family’s house. She absolutely loved him. Then she didn’t see him for a long time and when we saw him last week– she either didn’t remember him or did and was mad that he left her– either way, she wouldn’t stop barking at him and snapping at him. Harley seemed to be okay with his wife though.**

(When I started blogging, Jason teased me. Then he started blogging. I can’t link to his blog here though because he stopped blogging. At least he doesn’t tease me about it anymore– and his wife reads the blog. Plus, he agreed to put the video to music.)