Running into the past

***First, a thank you to whoever took this photo. I can’t find any Georgetown photos in my photo stream– which is sad– but wanted a photo and loved this one. Check out this person’s flickr page for more great photos***

Today S and I went to Georgetown. It is where I graduated from and I wanted him to see the town. I also wanted to feel like we had weekends that were fun and not just filled with unpacking me, unpacking my sister, groceries, laundry and other household chores. I wanted to go out!

Before leaving, my Mom (via phone) asked if I thought i would run into someone I knew. Being that I graduated in 2002 and it is a Sunday in the summer, I confidently said no.

Off we went, wandering, exploring, for some of us remembering for others of us getting to know. We went to Dean and De Luca‘s and S was appalled at the price of dulce de membrillo (quince paste). I was amazed they had it. We went through the uppity mall. We ate at the Tombs (so Georgetown, but the food was good). We toured the campus; S bemoaned the fact that we couldn’t tour the library. I was shocked at new buildings!

And then it happened.

We ran into someone.

Only, it wasn’t someone that I knew. It was a colleague of S’s from his time as a law student at la Universidad de Chile. In a city where S supposedly knows no one; in the school where I could easily know someone; he meets a friend. Ironic.


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