Wedding music that was not

You may remember that a while back I asked for help creating a song list for our wedding.  S was in charge of music for the time we ate and mingled. I was in charge of music for dancing.  We did, in fact, put it all together and bring it to the wedding.  If you were at the wedding, you will not remember the music.  It will forever forward be known as the wedding music that wasn’t.

You see, we were told we could bring in my computer and hook it up to their speakers. So, we did that. Unfortunately, once we were there, they told us it wouldn’t go louder unless we had burned the music on to CDs.  Of course, we could have easily burned it, if we had known!!!  Oh well.  Music no one heard was all we had.

S and I each picked a song to dance to.  They were the first two of the dancing part.  One was recommended to me by several people, but I had already chosen it.  One was something S sings to me all the time to make me smile.  Here are the two:


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  1. Right up there with falling in love with your best friend is having two daughters and son-in-laws who are best friends!

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