Moving up the google search engine

Every so often, I like to do a post on how people find me. I think of my stat counter as a constant source of entertainment and disdain.  A while back Kyle turned me onto another photo blogger – Bobby Earle.  He did a really interesting twist on the how people find me, by looking at how far down the google list his blog showed up.

Let’s steal that idea and see the results here:

  • clare says – number 1 of 3,320,000
  • chilean men – number 2 (after Kyle) of 34,600,000
  • spring flowers – not on the first 15 pages and yet 216 people have found me this way.
  • pokemona – number 2 of 2,000,000
  • moldova sex – number 10 of 3,230,000
  • human trafficking songs – number 1 of of 309,000
  • fried bees – number 6 of 896,000
  • psychology of a prostitute – number 5 of 449,000
  • human trafficking chile – number 8 of 770,000
  • amok trei – number 4 of 3,550,000


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