Wedding cake

Well, perhaps you are waiting for news of the wedding, and perhaps you are not. Still, I am sure more information is yet to come. But, like so many things in my life, this story should start with a cake. Yes, yes, yes. There was the happy couple’s meeting in a high school in rural Chile in 1996, but that is an old story.

The cake was a central theme in the wedding. It sat in the middle of the room. It was discussed by the master of ceremony as she talked about us and our vision of wedding and togetherness. It was too complicated for people to remember and I had to keep explaining. It was a thing of beauty. The largest pieces with 13 layers!

Wedding Cake

It was irresistible. It was three separate cakes. The largest was a chocolate cake with ganache frosting and chocolate mousse filling. The middle was a yellow cake with Irish coffee mousse filling and white frosting. The smallest (a regular size cake) was a white cake with fresh strawberry and cream filling and chocolate ganache frosting.

It was all most people could do, but use all their self will to not stick a finger into the deliciousness and devour the cake before dinner.

Fingers in the frosting

See? really hard!

**Photos taken by Ari Rosenthal Photography. Photographer: Chris


  1. I really like the design you chose. Very simple and elegant.

    I think I would have chosen a piece of strawberries and cream with chocolate ganache. The only negative part of your own wedding is that you don’t have time to really sit and enjoy the food. 😉

    Congratulations again.

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