Southern part of Almaty, originally uploaded by Nettel 99.

I got knews and this photo is it. We now know where we will be headed next– of course, I must learn Russian first. Still, we got the news and we ran home.

First thing we did? Google pictures of the city.

First comment I made? “Honey, looks like we are going back to Santiago”



  1. поздравления

    Congratulations Clare!!! sounds really adventurous. Will be really interesting to read your stories about the beginning in Қазақстан Perhaps you find Borat there 😉

  2. I think the move with be in March or April.

    We are super excited. Although Russian. Wow!

    Did you know Borat was actually filmed in Romania? I look forward to breaking the myths he set up. Or, you know, admitting he was right about some things.

  3. I knew someone would make a Borat comment….haha. That’s so exciting! I took three months of Russian once in 7th grade but now I forget everything, except I can still write my Russian name. Good luck!

  4. wow I did not know that Borat was filmed in Rumania. Just know that he (Sash Cohen) is now a gay Austrian called Bruno and making fun of my fellow citizens.

    I am sure you will do well learning Russian but know I would be hopeless. I am dying to read more.. What you will be doing there and of course your first impressions in comparison to Chile, US and Moldavia…

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