Killing the Cleavers

I am a huge fan of the show Criminal Minds. My two favorite characters are Penelope Garcia and Dr. Spencer Reid. I love the insights, random facts, and questions that they give. For example, this passage really struck me:

Prentiss: These guys are killing the Cleavers.
Reid: Strange.
Hotch: The pattern?
Dr. Reid: No, the Cleavers. Of all the names for a 1950s idyllic TV family. I mean it’s rife with violent implication. Kind of makes you wonder how the writers really felt about suburbia, huh?

See?  I had never made the connection and now I want to go back and see if the writers were implying sarcasm in their treatment of the “perfect American family” or were at least aware of the massive stereotypes and falsehoods they were promoting.


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