Music suggestions

Say your wedding was coming up. Think– very low key, non-traditional, 70 people in a small Indian restaurant. Say you are thinking of making a mixed tape for music, dancing, hanging-out time post meal. What music would you play? We want specific song suggestions here people.

Thank you very much.



  1. my mom told me when she heard the song Lucky by Jason Mraz she thought it reminded her of my boyfriend and I. its a rather personal anecdote but im sure many people could relate.

  2. No way, that’s kind of weird, because I was going to recommend Jason Mraz too!!! Another good one by him is that one that’s on the radio right now, I’m Yours

    Ok well since that’s taken, I would play lots of Shakira for the more upbeat parts, but she also has soooooo many good slow songs too. I walked down the aisle to Obtener Un Si. 🙂 So of course I’m biased!

    Another couple of songs I really like is Answer by Sarah McLachlan, Leona Lewis Bleeding Love, I Will Be, and best of all Run!

  3. A mi me gusta el reggae, estuve en una boda el año pasado donde pasaron y estuvo muy bueno…. puede ser algo del nuevo album de 311, Uplifter, tiene varios temas tranquilos… y reggae de los noventa ( ). También algo de reggae en español (un poco político, pero bueno, jeje), por ejemplo: resistencia suburbana (se puede escuchar en para tener el cd si querés mandame un mail), Los Cafres ( )…


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