Getting to know my new neighborhood

Whenever you I move to a new place, I like to get to know the neighborhood both through research and through exploration. I try and talk to my neighbors. I smile at people on the streets. I walk my dog in different directions and look into the house windows.

My sister, the ever helpful person she is, sent me this video to further my understanding of the neighborhood. It is hilarious. Also, true. I have passed many of these places and noted many of the same phenomenon. S also loved the video. With his growing English, he was cracking up during parts of it and has continued to reference it throughout the day.




  1. Since living in Chile for quite some time and finding your blog through a friend – I have read some of your previous posts but never commented until now. I guess I don’t read often enough to realize that you are basically my neighbor! So I figure I should probably come out of the wood work at this point.

    So, Hello! I’m Kelly. I live on the M side of DMV and I am not afraid of the Green Line (although I live on the Red Line). Hope your enjoying DC. Besides the insanely unpredictable weather here, I love it.

  2. Ha! Love this rap. I’ve been circulating it around for a couple days.

    I thought you were there based upon your Metro description. I know this area well. Especially the Starbucks…and the Starbucks…and the…

    Hope you are nesting well. If you like dancing, Clarendon Ballroom is a great hangout.

  3. hahah awesome. be careful out there!

    …if only coldstone cake batter ice cream could make it through the mail!

  4. That cracked me up. It could have just as well been written for Plymouth, MN where my parents currently live. It’s right up the highway from some of the bad parts of Minneapolis, but so yuppie that you would never guess.

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