Growing pet peeve

In the world of things that annoy me, I don’t tend to hold grudges. Yes, it annoys me if you smack your gum, but once you stop, I will forget and all is forgiven. I, however, am growing a new pet peeve: people who don’t scoot over on the metro. And, this one, is not going away– it is getting deeper. I don’t mean that people have to give you the outside seat. I don’t mean people who are larger and are giving you the room they can. The people that annoy me are the ones who sit somewhat in the middle and make no accommodations for sharing with strangers until the stranger is seated. For me, this means, that as I try and sit– and not sit on the other person– my outside hip slams into the armrest. I am not forgetting these transgressions as I have a growing bruise on both legs because of it. Come one people! The seat is not your own, do your best to share it.



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