Probably the thing that I move love about the US, is the ability to not conform.  Not even necessarily for me not to conform, but for people who don’t automatically fit in to find a group and be happy, healthy, productive.  I don’t think this is always true for other places in the world.

I had a friend from Japan who simply never had a chance. She looked different, she was taller– her year in the US really opened up her eyes to the possibility of feeling a part of something. She is now in Germany married to someone she met in Serbia.

I have already talked some about the pokemons and other urban tribes of Chile— but they are not the only groups in Chile that people can find homes in.  I am glad my friend, and ex-roommate, Caro has finally found a group of biker chicks.  She is happy.  She is respected for who she is.


While I also share some concerns about the urban tribes and kids getting lost in them.  I think for some Chilean youth, they really find themselves.  My cousin has found the motivation to go to college and do well. She is running a business and DJing.  She is gaining in much needed self confidence and I love it.  She is part of the group— but not taken over or ruled by them.


And me? What was I?  What groups helped me survive high school?  Well… I was a drama geek.  A costumer. A tap dancer. A techie.  And I loved it.



  1. I was in allllllllll the groups. I loved it 🙂 I wish I could go back to having time to be a part of so many different things.

  2. I was…

    Yeah, I still have no idea what group I belonged to. I personally have found I thrive much better when I don’t have a group to conform to, when I’m a sort of sad misfit. Otherwise, I start saying baaaaaa.

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