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Shower at Watts, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

Earlier this week my mother mentioned that she was going to take my father out to Watt’s Tea Room for lunch. She and I had gone 2 weeks ago and he had been complaining that he was left out. Since I really love Watt’s, I invited myself along. Then I invited Seba along.

Today was our lunch at Watt’s. My mom had court and then we walked over to the shop. We entered through the art gallery (again, my independent idea). As we rounded the corner, I caught the eye of another patron. To my surprise, it was Pam, the firm’s receptionist. She was sitting at a long table surrounded by all my coworkers!

They totally fooled me! It was my first bridal shower. I think the best part is, if you re-read the first paragraph, I invited myself.

I couldn’t have been more surprised or more pleased. They had all managed to get out of the office without my noticing. They all managed to keep it off their calenders, so I wouldn’t notice. Okay, one of the lawyers had it on there, but the staff erased it before I noticed.

While I am super excited about Dream Job, I couldn’t have been working with a sweeter group of women over the last year.

Shower at Watts 013a