It is official!

DSC00144, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

See? It is in the newspaper. Harley, my pup, to shed more!

Well…. maybe that is not what the article is about. And while I don’t want to make light of layoffs– just reading the headline (and the pay on words it causes in my head) gave me a chuckle.

My poor father has suffered through Harley shedding in the house. It is amazing how an 11 lb dog can create 5 lb hairballs, that roll like tumbleweed down out hardwood floors, on a daily basis. Still, Harley finds a way to do it.

You may notice in the picture that she got a haircut. This haircut is significantly better than last year’s and does not make her look like a drowned rat! Now, if only Wisconsin would figure out that it is spring and get warm so that she doesn’t freeze.




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