Fly Midwest Express

I have to say that my experience with airlines has been up and down. I realize that they are struggling as an industry. Still, I appreciate good service.

I am a HUGE fan of Midwest Express. I always have been. Their seats are larger (although not as large as they used to be). They are always courteous. They are a local company. And they give out fresh baked cookies on their flights.

I bought tickets with them to go to training for Dream Job. Midwest was having a good sale and I got straight through tickets. Plus! I had problems logging in and someone, after finally getting into my account, bought the tickets that came up.

Later that night, my father looked at the tickets and noticed that they had me returning the same day I left! Clearly a mistake. But, a mistake I hadn’t seen and had paid for. Not only that, but S is meeting me in the city to find an apartment, then flying home. He was on the correct return flight.

Near tears, at 11pm, I called customer service. Within 10 minutes, she fixed the problem– no charge.

Lesson number 1– flying Midwest Express over other carriers is worth it. They truly are the best care in the air.
Lesson number 2– if you find a mistake, address it immediately. You are more credible.



  1. I’ll remember the name of that airline. Customer service means so much, especially in this economic climate.

    My United flight was turned around on the way from DC o Buenos Aires in March, so I missed my LAN flight from B.A to Santiago. LAN would not let me change the flight even though I called the company ahead of time to let them know I wouldn’t arrive on time. Boy was I steamed!

    Are you looking for an apt. in DC?

    • “LAN would not let me change the flight even though I called the company ahead of time to let them know”… this is terrible..!

      what happened? Did United make sure you would arrive at your destination safely..? Or did you have to pay for the next flight yourself?

      • Hi André!

        Congrats on your engagement. 🙂

        United took me to Buenos Aires a day late, but neither United nor LAN would pay for my new plane ticket to Santiago. LAN told me that if the malfunction had happened on a full LAN itinerary, the airline would have reissued the ticket for a different day.

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