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Chile Group Post: Worst Travel Experience


So, we are doing another Chile Bloggers Group post— only this time it is not necessarily Chile specific.  The theme was something along the line of: travel stories.

Therefore, I have decided to share my worst travel experience ever. Ever.

Whenever I think worst anything, there are competing options.  Worst meal– well do I count the ones that made me sick or the ones that were most disappointing.  Worst outfit– does 80s clothes worn in the 80s count or should I go with my flannel grunge look.  Only on worst roommate ever and worst travel experience ever so I have no question in my mind.

To preface, let me say, besides this one night, the trip was great.  I was in Romania, with my then partner, Jason.   We had traveled and seen castles.  We has skied. Well, he skied. I fell. We had eaten donuts.

We were traveling between two cities in Romania (I have blocked which ones out of my mind.  Jason, do you remember? Angela, ask him!) and I had done the planning. Yes. I take full responsibility for this.  I had found an overnight train.  Perfect. One night less to pay housing, plus I sleep well sitting up. We got to the station, bought the tickets and were ready to go.

It was odd that people were congregating like cougars ready to jump as soon as the train arrived. It was weird how many men were there. It was Romania, so it was not weird that everyone was drinking.  It was weird that we had no assigned seats.  Still, I thought, ever optimistic, that Jason and I would have no problems getting our seats together.  Little did we know….

There were no seats. It was a 7 hour, overnight train, and there were no seats!

To make things worse (and I was already crying at this point), the train was jam packed. It seemed as though everyone was smoking. The person next to me was literally touching me he was so close. I sat on my backpack, on the gross gross floor, and wanted to cry.  Then, the man next to me, whipped it out and urinated. One the floor. Not next to me. But close enough. To see it. To smell it.

So, I sat there. Horrified. And cried. And nothing Jason could do, could make it better.

Except, I think that we did manage to steal seats at some point when the people who had known better and gotten on the car with seats and paid for those seats got up.  I think. Really. I have done my best to block out the worst travel experience and its specifics from my brain.

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