Daily Archives: April 21, 2009

Done with rejection


I have been pretty lucky in my life to usually get what I want or at least a fairly close version. Rejection hasn’t been something that I have had to deal with on a regular basis… up until now.

I suppose there was rejection early in life when the girl across the street didn’t invite me to her birthday party (which was better than the year she did and then put gum in my hair while I slept) or I wasn’t chosen for the swim team’s relay.

In middle school the dating rejection started. At one point I was dumped at a 7th grade dance by the guy saying “C Ya”, no other explanation. In 8th grade, I started dating a guy while in the elevator only to be dumped 4 hours later once everyone had found out.

In high school I was rejected as actress in school musicals and plays; but I found a refuge in the costume department– actually, that rejection was really a blessing in disguise as the costume department was a wonderful second home. In college, I was rejected from the acapella group. S. would tell you this is because I am tone deaf; my father would tell you I have a lovely voice—not sure who is more biased!

In academics and in jobs, I have been pretty lucky—up until now. Perhaps this has given me an over inflated ego. Perhaps it hasn’t allowed me to create an emotional bumper between me and the rejection.

In the past several months, I have been rejected by multiple government agencies and NGOs. Yes, I realize that the economy is not so great— but it is hard to be looking for a job.  It is hard to face the months going by and feel that no one wants you.  I, in turn, have also turned down job offers and fellowships because they either weren’t the right place for me (the job offers) or left me 10 months from now searching for a job (fellowship).  That said, it is all worth it because in one month I start work at what will be known from here on out as “dream job”.

Dream job is just the right fit. It is a career.  It is not volunteer.  It will allow me to be an unrepentant, optimistic, do-gooder that believes in the world around me.  And, it will allow me to continue to travel.

Like so many other bloggers, I do share a lot of my life.  But, like so many other bloggers, I don’t necessarily want to share all of it– like where I work.  It is respectful to them and to me.  So, if you know what dream job is, don’t say. If you don’t know and don’t know me– sorry.  If you don’t know and do know me, feel free to ask via my personal email.