Daily Archives: April 20, 2009

Always the helpful kid sister


Life is complicated right now; I have a lot going on– and a lot up in the air. I have about 10 different working plans depending on which scenario plays out. Life is full of possibilities; on the flip side, life is full of only possibilities.

My sister’s life is complicated as well — for her own reasons which I will not post here, because, well, they are her own.

Sometimes, she calls me. She calls me to hear about my life and the planning, the possibilities, the disappointments, and the complications. She calls me because it makes her feel better, feel like she has her ducks in a row, feel like someone is worse off.

Perhaps I could be offended by this. I am not. Mostly, I think its funny. And I know, that my possibilities and constant planning, is calming to at least one person. It, certainly, is not calming to me.