Planning ahead

Watch the video before reading. I promise. It will make sense.

Saying that I was excited about my study abroad year in high school is a bit of an understatement; I was packed a month in advance. For a month, I didn’t wear my favorite clothes or have enough shoes.  I didn’t have much of anything as everything was packed for my upcoming trip to Chile. I was prepared. I had planned ahead.

The night before, my Mom decided to inspect what I was packing.  She unpacked and repacked my bag. She added a little something else.  She added pads. Worried that I wouldn’t find them or I wouldn’t be able to buy them– or, more likely, just worried about her 16 year old baby girl setting out on her own.

She packed me pads.  Lots. I have to say it was quite the money saver for me.  The pads, packed by my mother with love, lasted me the year.



  1. hahahaha. Funny video. And how sweet of your mom to pack pads for you. hahaha.

    And you packed a month before leaving? Wow! That is planning ahead! I was up til 4am packing the night before and I left at 6am for the airport. I used to be a TERRIBLE procrastinator. I don’t do that anymore, thank God.

  2. Hahahahaha I LOVE The Big Bang Theory! I bought tampons in bulk before coming to Chile in January. I don’t think they’ll last the whole year, but I still have a ton left.

    And aren’t Moms the best?

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