Daily Archives: April 14, 2009

Planning ahead


Watch the video before reading. I promise. It will make sense.

Saying that I was excited about my study abroad year in high school is a bit of an understatement; I was packed a month in advance. For a month, I didn’t wear my favorite clothes or have enough shoes.  I didn’t have much of anything as everything was packed for my upcoming trip to Chile. I was prepared. I had planned ahead.

The night before, my Mom decided to inspect what I was packing.  She unpacked and repacked my bag. She added a little something else.  She added pads. Worried that I wouldn’t find them or I wouldn’t be able to buy them– or, more likely, just worried about her 16 year old baby girl setting out on her own.

She packed me pads.  Lots. I have to say it was quite the money saver for me.  The pads, packed by my mother with love, lasted me the year.