Edible flowers

Fruit Flowers 001, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

When I worked in Hawaii as a waitress, they always put flowers on the plate. Customers liked to tell me that it was illegal to put inedible on the plate with food. I always informed them that we only used edible flowers as decoration; I liked to get them to double my tip if I ate the flower. Some people did.

Today we got a different type of edible flower in the mail.




  1. Is it wrong to tell you I have fruit envy? In the southern hemisphere we’re all about the grapes, a few last straggling melons, apples, pears, quinces and then loads and loads of citrus. Berries are long gone! Hope the arrangement was as delicious as it looks. And a friend grows nasturtiums and we eat them (and the capers she makes out of part of them) with abandon. I love edible flowers!

  2. I think the thing I most miss from my living in Cambodia is the fruit. The fruit in Chile is very good– when in season. But, out of season, you just don’t see variety.

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