Passage of Time: One Year Later

I am working on another blog for my non-wedding party to celebrate S and I. Sadly, most of you won’t see it as it is only for guests and it is going to be a very short guest list. I did, however, want to share the Our Story piece because 1- you all do not know my particular story of love and 2- because today is 1 year. Here is what I wrote.

How Clare and S met:

Clare traveled to Chile in 1996 as a Rotary exchange student. She ended up in S’s class, 4b of Rancagua College. Our homeroom teacher thought it appropriate to seat the entire class by height with the two foreign exchange students sitting behind the two tallest class members. Daily, Clare would move her chair and place it between the two shortest people in the class, S. and Carla.

Clare and S. never lost contact after high school and visited whenever Clare returned to Chile. They also wrote letters in the days of snail mail and emails afterward. Clare always said that he was her best friend and that she hoped someday he would be one of her bridesmaids and visit the US.

The proposal:

In 2008, Clare and S. were not dating (according to S.).  For all intents and purposes they were (talking on the phone daily, weekend trips, etc.); however, as S. was studying for the bar, he decided dating would be too stressful.

In March/April of 2008, Clare traveled to the US for Mary and Rick’s wedding and to see her family and friends. Immediately afterward, she went to Buenos Aires for work.  The whole time she was gone, S. could not study; he spent his days checking to see if she was online.

When Clare stepped off the plane at 7:30pm on April 10, 2008, S. was waiting for her.  He emphatically forbid her to leave again before he took the bar exam and said he never wanted to be away from her.  Several days later, because of the intricacies of immigration and uncertainty about where we would end up, two best friends decided to get engaged.

Several days later, S. noted that he had never agreed to date Clare (see above excuse of studying for the bar exam), so he asked Clare if she wanted to date him.  Happy with their relationship, and ever the contrarian, she said no.  (The wedding is still on.)



  1. I did not know the proposal was soo based on not wanting to live apart. Makes the last almost year that much sadder. REALLY hope you are both together soon and for a very long time.

  2. That’s adorable! I really liked how according to him you weren’t dating then when he asked you, you said no. I was unsure if i was dating my boyfriend or not when he finally started introducing himself as my novio to everyone. I just looked at him and asked “uhhh…when did that happen?” he shrugged and said “I figured that it’s only right since we’ve been dating for about two months now. Keep in mind that, in my mind, we started dating in August and this was December. Oh well…

  3. Hope you will be together soon!

    English is my second language and I never understood how and when the English or the Americans used the word dating.

    What I currently believe dating is the initial getting to know one person of the other gender (or the same 😉 Dating can include dinner, drinks, cinema and other activities that couples like to do 😉 There is no firm commitment and it is possible to date several partners at the same time.

    Am I correct or does someone want to correct me?

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