Election day

Tomorrow is another election day in WI– I don’t even think most people know about it. But, I am a Chief Inspector for a ward. To tell the truth, I am not sure I would have known about the election except for that. While there is one judge I really did want to vote for, this is a somewhat dead election.

I worked the primary back in February as well. That was an even quieter election. Look at it this way: for a presidential election 81% of the electorate comes out, there was about 4% at the primary; perhaps tomorrow we will hit 6%. It is something like 25 people per ward!

Last election I was in a very politically marginalized and disenfranchised part of town. While the overall city had a 4% showing; my wards (I was at a three ward site) has less than 0.5% turnout! In one ward, all the people who voted were the people working.

Tomorrow I am in a new ward– it is actually in the neighborhood I lived in until I was 6. The neighborhood has been doing well well, so it will be interested to see if there is a turnout.

Anyway, that is why I won’t be blogging tomorrow. Instead I will be working from 6:30am to 8:30pm!


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