Wedding News – long time coming

I am really hoping that this is not an April Fools joke because 1) I have already been “got” today and 2) it is what should be happening.

ernie_bert_dancing reported that Sesame Street’s beloved characters Bert and Ernie will finally be coming out of the closet.  The blog quoted spokeswoman as saying:

“Sesame Street has always evolved with the times in which real children are living.  More and more children today are living in proximity to happy, healthy, gay people who have no interest in hiding.  We think portraying Bert and Ernie in more traditional romantic “couple” ways will be affirming for children with gay uncles or family friends in their lives.”

While I realize that it is probably not true (don’t ya just love april fools??)…. I strongly feel that it should be.  There should be more models of parenting which are inclusive (in so many ways) available to children.  We need to stop teaching shame and stigma.



  1. I wouldn’t be so fast on calling it an April Fool’s Day joke, although it would be sad if it was. Don’t you remember the character they made with AIDS for kids in Africa? I love Sesame Street and the fact that they have two men living together who seem to enjoy each other’s company whether they are out of the closet or not is enough for me until they do.

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