The reviewer said it was better than sex. What does Harley the pup think?

We all know that I love my dog, but I am willing to admit that she has two flaws. 1- She hates almost everyone the first time she meets them and is very slow to trust. While I understand why she is this way (very abused and run over by tractor), I still wish I had a happy dog that loved everyone. 2- She sheds. A lot. This is worse because I know how much it upsets my father and S.

The other day I was reading blogs and came across this review of the FURminator. Since it is a blog I trust and claimed that the FURminator was better than sex, I popped over to amazon.

Now, the proud owner of a FURminator, I decided to test it out.  Would by dog even let me try it?  Would it work at all?  Just a few minutes into the operation, I decided I should share.

Check out Harley’s vaguely interested reaction is a video of the process:

And the after shots (15 minutes or less later):

FURminator results

FURminator fur ball

I could have gotten more hair, but I tought I should wait and see how she was after a while.  Maybe I will go for more tomorrow!



  1. 😉 Better than sex… ? Better for the dog then him / her having sex.. Or…. People are much too easy with this phrase. Don’t think anyone is prepared to give up sex for this 😉

    Really cute dog !!

  2. Poor little Harley! I knew she was a rescue pup but didn’t know exactly what happened to her pre-life with you. I think it’s understandable that she’s not super friendly right off the bat.

    I’ve heard good things about the furminator as well. I may have to get one when we’re in the US in June…Lola sheds like crazy. Even on the days the nana comes, she’s only gone about 5 minutes before hairballs start taking over the floor again.

  3. That’s so very sad that she was abused. did you find her or adopt her from a shelter?

    That being said, my dog is a total slut. She’s more than happy with ANYONE who gives her the slightest bit of attention. On one hand, I could be sad that she doesn’t seem particularly loyal to us. On the other hand, I know that when we leave for our trip around the world, she’ll be totally fine with my mom.

    And I am definitely considering buying one of those things. Did Harley seem like it hurt at all afterwards, was her skin irritated or anything? Papi freaking loves her brush, so this could be a very good idea!

  4. Harley actually liked it. She had no problems. I did stop after 15 minutes because I wanted to make sure that it didn’t leave any rash or anything. It didn’t. I actually don’t think the FURminator reaches her skin because she hair is so thick. It is amazing how much less she is shedding. I am a total convert.

  5. She was run over by a tractor?! OH MY GOODNESS, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

    I wanted to kill Hank’s previous owners when I found out how undernourished he was, how poorly he was treated, and how both were going to affect the rest of his life. I cannot even imagine the fury and lack of comprehension that would come hand-in-hand with learning that my dog had been run over by a tractor. She’s very lucky to have someone like you, someone who loves her and takes care of her.

    As for the furminator, lol, those things are awesome!

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