Nicole’s Scavenger Hunt

Nicole decided to do a little photo scavenger hunt.  She gave us a list (mostly focused on a “local” theme) and told people to take pics and post them by March 15.  There is voting on her website.  Please, take pity and go vote so that I don’t feel like that last kid to be picked for a team at recess. Here is my entry:

Note– for some crazy reason, I decided that I wanted to shoot all the pictures in my house.  This would have been much easier had I not given myself the additional challenge.  It also might have been more interesting. Oh well. Live and learn.

Note– for those that don’t read my blog, my dog and I travel a lot.  I do believe that not only is the world my playground, but it is also my home away from my America home.

Note– one picture is recycled and not from my house.  But, I look at it often.  Does that count? Wanna guess which photo?

1) local currency

2) local flag

Milwaukee Join the Impact
3) local food (I am from and in Wisconsin, the land of cheese)


4) something rusty (3rd to last hanger is actually rusty)


5) local wildlife (My parents’ condo, where I currently am, does not allow dogs.  This is Blade, the condo dog).

6) local nature

7) local stamp

8) part of your neighborhood (it can be a very small part 😉 )

9) traditional house

10) a local person

11) local weather (so cold the dog spends the day under a blanket!)

12) local transportation (got no car, just two walking feet)

13) traditional local clothing

14) night sky (as seen by my niece)

15) sunrise

16) local product non food (made in Chile, another place that is often called home, and hanging in the entry way to my parents’ house. It was a gift from my to-be-mother-in-law).

17) something furry

18) something feathery


19) a sign of the season

20) a part of you

21) your main hobby

22) a local shop (there is a consignment store that we love– my mom got these original Disney prints that now hang in the kitchen)

23) a local restaurant (Kopps — best frozen custard anywhere)

24) a street sign (interrupting story time)

25) a local mail box


Here are the other participants:

Participants that have submitted a link:

Terri (USA)
Jientje (Belgium)
Lisa’s Chaos (USA)
Lisa TL (USA)
Keera (Norway)
Ang (USA)
Pamela (USA)
L-Squared (USA)
Dallas (Belgium)
Mojo (USA)
Macaholi (Kuwait)
Clare (USA)
BLOGitse (Egypt)
Dan (USA)
Scriber’s Web (USA)
Øyvind (Norway)
Kristi (USA)

Not yet totally complete:

Phojus (UK)
Chris (USA)
Carol (USA)
Mathew (Ireland)

Participants so far without hunt link:

Jo Peattie (Hungary)
Dekrit (Indonesia)
Jonathan (USA)
Typ0 (Egypt)
Lou USA)
Tracey (USA)



  1. Oh, come on, give me a street sign, you just have to walk around the corner and get the stop sign 😉
    I’ll leave you on the Voting Poll, just give me the sign, please 😀

    I totally love your take on it.
    It’s so way cool what everyone came up with!

    This one made me grin BIG – do you make those earrings yourself?

    So, the voting Poll is up, send your people on over!

  2. The mailbox one stumped me at first glance too, but I’m with Pamela — great idea! And you obviously love your dog as much as I do mine. He didn’t get a feature in this post though… I decided that was too predictable (plus he’s all over my blog already).

    Nice choices! (Love the street sign, BTW!)

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