House hunting

Sadly, no, I am not house hunting. Although if I were in Chile, I would ask my blog friend Emily who has done it in Santiago or Matt who really knows his way around the Valparaiso market. If I were buying a place in the states, I would talk to my friend Mer who has no blog, but does have a brand new beautiful baby daughter named Brooklyn.

That said, I am not in the market.

But I do like the hunt.

Perhaps my parents really did rub off on me, but I like to see houses. I like to see what is out there. I like to see what different things cost, what amenities are the most important to me, and what people have done with their places. I like to day dream and plan and re-plan.  Thanks to HGTV, I don’t even have to leave my house to do this anymore.  House Hunters and House Hunters International are quickly becoming good Mother/ Daughter time in our household.

Now aren’t you hooked?



  1. Kyle- there were several others up online. For international, I have seen Portugal, Paris, China, Japan, Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Italy, New Zealand and some small island. It is fun, because sometimes it is young couples and sometimes it is people w lots of money. Think, amazing 6 bedroom country flat in Portugal.

    Maya- well, this way you know there isn’t the stress of moving. Just the posibility of looking. Also, as my father says, this is safer than my Mom looking at other places in our city.

  2. House hunting is fun when you don’t have the pressure of moving. It’s neat to see all sorts of different design styles and, like you said, figure out what things are necessary for you in your own home. There’s a new building across the street from us, and I kind of want to go look at the pilot apartment just for the design tips.

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