Rotary clothes & a story about S

I was a Rotary exchange student in high school. We all had to wear these blue blazers. Some, especially from the central states, decorated ours. The left side was decorated by my friends and family in the US before I left (for Chile). The right side was decorated by my friends and family in Chile before I left (for the US).



Before I left my school, the now defunct Rancagua College, my friends and classmates also signed my shirt.



I just found these in the back of my Mother’s closet.  I showed S and as I did the following memory came back with the strength to knock me over.

Scene: Our classroom in high school.  S takes the shirt first to sign it.  He writes in red pen and HUGE letters across most of the front right (see above).

C: S!!!! Other people have to sign it too!!

S: [shrug]

C: You took up 1/2 of the front!  With like FIVE words!

S: Yea, but I am more important to you then the rest of them.

And, as it turns out, he was right.

S wrote:


Gotta love my paint skills to white out the rest of his name– which most of you all know anyways.  Also, in case there was any question, he is a Catolica soccer fan all the way.

Translation: “A memory with much caring and affection for little Clare. Catolica champion 97! S



  1. hahahaha. great! S is a soccer fan? I wouldn’t have imagined it. And, más encima, he likes la católica? How great to have nice recuerdos!

  2. Hahaha. Yea. La Catolica…. he says he picked his team before he knew how anti-religion or pro La-Chile he was. But once you have a team, you can’t abandon them. And, yes, I tease him about it.

  3. What a cool memory! I was in Rotary too when I was in high school, but they rarely actually did anything so I ended up going off on my own and volunteering my own way lol. And we certainly didn’t do cool things like paint on each other’s shirts. That would have been so neat, though!

  4. How awesome! If you do the “something old, something new” tradition, this should definitely be the something old! You know he is now thankful he did not write something yechy!

  5. My only wish, in the something old category, was that they were smart enough to not write with washable pen. Sadly, we were not smart high schoolers. So… I am just hoping that the something old never gets wet… or worn. 😉

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