Quick learner

Since S will be coming to visit for a while, I want to get the room  up and comfortable.  I won’t be off work, like last time he was here, so he will have to amuse himself during the days.  I want him to be comfortable– and for him this means surrounding himself with order.

I am the administratively organized, planning one; he is the house cleaning, bed making one.

In my current room, the order he craves is hard to come by because I don’t physically have enough space to put away my stuff. You see, I am living in my parents’ house.  It is a guest room– not meant to be lived in full time.  While my mother was kind enough to give me one of her dressers, I have it filled to the brim.

I have furniture in storage– actually, my whole apartment.  I do not have an additional dresser in that storage space though; it died after the last move.  Therefore, I have decided that investing in a new dresser– or really any piece of furniture that can at least be used temporarily as storage– is a fabulous idea.

I know nothing about picking out furniture besides the aesthetics “I like that” or “that is ugly”, so my parents took me shopping last weekend. It  was not shopping to buy, just to learn.  I learned how to tell the quality of furniture.  To see if drawers are dovetails, to look at how it is put together, to think about how it will fall apart.  We saw top end furniture on down.  My gosh is furniture expensive!!

So… I had lots to think about. Also, I thought it was a good idea, if we were going to get something more expensive, to wait for S to get here and help me pick it out.  Or, I thought, we could still go the cheap Target, IKEA, or Craigslist route.

On Monday I had some time off and was driving around. I decided to stop at Chattle Changers, a consignment store my mother swears by.  I wanted to see what kind of selection they had in furniture.  As I was wandering the stores, a dresser caught my eye. It was old fashioned or classic, but a nice color and good size.  As I looked at the price, I realized that it was a good price and might come with 2 bed stands.  They were nice as well.  As I looked at it more, I thought it was good quality and started seriously considering buying it.  I spoke to a woman who works there who told me that it came with a huge chest as well!  $200 for 4 pieces and the price goes down every 10 days and would be going down soon. Then, I saw a Thomasville stamp inside a drawer.

Unsure of my ability to pick good quality, I took pictures and asked my Dad to come back the next day. He approved of the quality and thought I was nuts for even thinking about it.  After all, a 5 drawer dresser or questionable quality at the box stores would cost $150-$180.

I bought the pieces, hired movers, and now have a great bedroom set!  S and I love the look, the color, the wood, everything!  I am so happy with my find.

What do you think?

bedroom-set(there are two matching bedside tables, but it would have been a pain to drag them over and into the photo.  Therefore, you will have to use your imaginations.  Keep in mind, they are part of the matching set).



  1. i love the vintage look of the set and what a great buy! you know that will last longer than anything you could buy at Ikea. I think S will be happy with the order it stimulates 🙂

  2. I think I blew through my last IKEA dresser in 3 years! Granted, it was 3 moves, but still. It its mine, its gotta be strong. I am not known to be kind to my furniture. 😉

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