Unfortunately Clare….

I am copying Liza again. Really, I thought I would look just for my own amuzement… however… it seems cruel to keep this meme from you all!

The point of the meme is to google the phrase “unfortunately [your name]” and post the results you like the best.

And my results???

  • Unfortunately, Clare emailed me to say that they won’t have any of the camembert at this weekend’s market. She will, however, be bringing homemade quark.
  • Unfortunately Clare Short was too interested in power and the luxuries that come with it.
  • Unfortunately Clare FM has stopped PodCasting our Traditional Music Shows.
  • Unfortunately, Clare’s next mission takes her to Rabona, a holy city where Claymores are not welcome.
  • Unfortunately Clare returns to her name sake every 38 years on the full moon and picks a young child to drown in a bathtub in room 404.
  • Unfortunately Clare is her own worst enemy.

And my absolute favorite:

    Unfortunately, Clare’s situation is a common one. Not all employers recognise the benefits that working overseas can bring even though more and more graduates are increasingly opting to study, live and work outside of their home countries in pursuit of professional success and adventure along the way.


  1. I remember eating Quark in Germany. It’s kind of like cheese (and maybe technically is), but it can be sweet and is used in lots of deserts. I remember eating a delicious cake made of Quark and strawberries, kind of similar to cheesecake but a lot lighter. They also sold Quark kind of like they sell soft serve in the US with different flavors, etc.

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