Photo Wednesday: Love Needs No Cure

Love Needs No Cure, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

Taken: 2006 St. Louis, MO at a protest outside of a Focus on Family seminar on how to heal gayness through prayer. Our (the protesters) message? Love needs no cure.

It is Freedom to Marry Week? What have you done to spread freedom of marriage?

*** PS, yes, that is me.  The photo was taken by my friend Meghan.



  1. Hi Clare, I linked to you off Nicole’s site and the scavenger hunt challenge…I was looking at your Cambodia photos…Mallory, who is currently in Nha Trang, Vietnam just was in Cambodia..traveling with her boyfriend (my son) She blogs at I expect she will be posting Cambodia photos in near future…hope you will look into her site sometime! I will check back to your site as well to look and read in greater depth…thanks, dan

  2. And the world gets smaller again – Hi Dan 🙂

    That’s one cute pic :D!

    And what have I done for this cause this week?
    Mh. Nothing, I guess 😦
    But then again, I didn’t do anything against it either 😉

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