Bet ya didn’t know that…

Yet another internet meme is floating around– this one on facebook. My friend Lisa, who does not have a blog but does have a dent above her left temple, tagged me.  I, however, am taking a page from Liza‘s book and filling it out on my blog.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things about you.

  1. I think of Indian Pilau as an integral part of any Thanksgiving meal.
  2. Which of course, had to be my first thing, because it was food related, and I am nothing if not food-obsessed.
  3. That said, I like HGTV and housing reality shoes more than cooking shows.
  4. Except for sometimes Iron Chef.
  5. And the show Red hot and Green really annoys me – although I like the concept and want to like it.
  6. And, while I love cooking for others, I am way too lazy to make a big intricate meal for myself.
  7. I am also too lazy to make my bed.
  8. This will be an on-going issue in my up-coming marriage.
  9. Growing up I lived with my grandmother who made my bed and cleaned my room.
  10. She also moved furniture around in the night time when she couldn’t sleep.  Big pieces.  Beds. China cabinets.
  11. I learned to turn on the lights when coming downstairs in the middle of the night in case there was a new large piece of furinture where a clear path to the cookies used to be.
  12. She was my best friend.
  13. And made the best cakes.  There is a place here in Milwaukee, McCoy’s, that has really good cakes.  Kind of like hers. Almost like hers. Definitely like homemade. But still, not quite grandma’s.
  14. I am a huge fan of cookies as well.
  15. I speak a lot of languages (Spanish, English, Romanian, Japanese – well).
  16. I dabble in several others (German, Russian).
  17. Most recently I have been trying to teach myself French.
  18. I am hoping that it will help me last a job.
  19. I have been looking for months. Unsuccessfully.
  20. I just bought Paul Krugman’s The Return of Depression Economics to try and understand the economy better.
  21. I have heard him on NPR and can understand him.
  22. Plus, anyone who goes on NPR has to be cool. Right? Because I think NPR is cool.
  23. My fiance says his favorite thing about me is that I am more of a nerd than he is.
  24. I still am amused that in Spanish they say “nerd” as in “por dios, no puedes ser tan nerd”.
  25. I would be more amused if Spanish had more puns. That way I could grow up to be my mother. You know. Punny.

And… I am tagging all the chile bloggers, including Fned who just blogs with us, and Lauren who just had a baby, also Creating Motherhood and Mongkol because their list swould be awesome. Plus the Facebook people I tagged and any one else who wants to.



  1. Whoa!! So I just read this and you mentioned “upcoming wedding” and “fiance”!!!!! I didn’t know this!!!! Congratulations!!! When did this goodness happen!!!

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