Living among the famous

One of the great things about Chile, for me coming from the tranquil (read: boring) Midwest, is the possibility of running into movie stars on the street and national sports heroes in the mall.

In fact, my (host) cousin, Karin, has been on Diario de Eva, an afternoon talk show for young people. Really! You can watch her here.

She also runs some of the underground parties I have talked about in the past, sings, and works as a DJ.  From what I can tell, she is making money and gaining a following.  I have even heard that she may become more of a regular on Diario de Eva as an electropop singer.

And to think, I knew here when she was 9 years old!

Last week or so, S and I were switching channels before bed and we happened upon a reality TV show.  One of the contestants turned out to be a classmate of his from law school.  I would tell you what classmate/ contestant and what reality TV show, but my memory is not good enough.  He refuses to tell me now for fear I will blog about it.  Turns out he has good reason not to tell me, but it didn’t stop me from blogging.

Also, apparently, a kid, Angel, who was at my first high school in Chile is now acting in theater and getting well known.  I would love to run into him some day to catch up.  For now all I can say is that I knew him when…

I also went to high school with the Chilean women’s archery team to the Olympics in 2000 and something.  Plus, I went to school with AND lived AND have dated (not the ones I lived with) boys who were really big in the Chilean basketball league.

See?  This is one of the things I love about Chile.  The country is small enough that stars can surround you; you can hobnob with them; you can be friends with them; and, if you are lucky, they might be your family.

***Final revelation of this email: as cool as it is to know people on TV, I think it would be even cooler to be on TV in one of the HGTV reality shows or something like What Not To Wear.  Laughing?  Well, just remember Kyle wanted to try out for Peloton, a Chilean reality show that reinacts bootcamp.



  1. It really is strange when you realise you knew someone “famous” before they became famous. One of my former classmates from primary school, who was always a prissy boy or so I thought, is now an actor who has appeared in the King and I in a minor role and a singer/entertainer. Good for him. But like you, I crack up thinking of some of the things we got up to as classmates.

    In my work as a journalist, I’ve also met former A listers (funny how fame and fortune is so fickle), occasionally sports personalities but mostly business icons.

    I used to think being in spotlight would be cool. However, given today’s relentless scrutiny and ruthless scandal mongering, I’m relieved to not be in the spotlight. To an extent, it bothers me that I can do a google search on my name. While it is professionally helpful for people to be able to find evidence of my work, it’s also a medium that is out of my control.

    Good post, very interesting 🙂

  2. Yes. I am pretty sure I would not want to be famous right now. Both of the reality shows I picked were one time deals…. a home renovation or a fashion renovation…. still… I see your point.

  3. I still do want to be on Peloton, but it’s just too long, too much blogging money that I would not be making.

    I see famous people all the time in Providencia, it’s so weird, compared to the U.S. where the famous people live in their own little bubble.

  4. Funny that I go to write a post only to realize that someone else experienced the same thing and posted- this seems to happen a lot with Chile topics. I was even trying to limit my famous sightings to only Chile. This is going to be a new challenge for me to find something original 🙂 I posted in a comment to my post that S’s ex gf was on Peloton. It’s werid too- it seems that the Midwest (specifically Ohio) is HUGE in watching and participating in reality shows.

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