Vacation from my vacation

I haven’t been particularly active on my blog recently; also, my commenting has plummeted although I promise I continued to read. But, I have a good excuse, vacation.

And, sadly, now I am home and vacation is over.

I did something different this time around and it was more relaxing and just what I needed. Usually, when I travel to Chile, I want to see everyone. There are so many friends and (host) family that it is overwhelming. I generally spend time in at least 3 cities.

This time, no one knew I was coming (besides S) and few ever found out I was there. I spent time by the pool, watched tons of Dr. House and Criminal Minds with S, and cooked Indian food for our families. The second day I was in Chile I headed over to my host families house to say hi. S and I walked up and knocked on the door. My host father, who I have known since 1996, opened the door, looked at me, closed the door, opened the door to see if I was really there, and yelled to Mom that someone was lost and at the door.

In a lot of ways, I wish I had seen more people. I wish I had put my feet in the ocean. But, I know, for this one time, this was what I needed.



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