Surviving the holidays

I can be accident prone; this is particularly true around the holidays. Something about the excitement of getting to rain on my (and other’s) parade simply makes my body more clumsy and my mind more distractable. I can’t count the Christmas parties and birthday parties I have attended on crutches. Growing up, I always had my birthday parties at roller skating rinks. My parents like to think that they taught the entire neighborhood to roller skate. I distinctly remember at least one year where last minute the party became a movie outing as I was on crutches. I believe we saw Newsies. My sister spent her 18th birthday in the hospital with me after I fell off my bike and had a concussion.  On that occasion, the mailman had recognized me and carried me home.

Well, this year appears to be no better, although admittedly, it didn’t turn out to be a long term injury. Last Sunday, (yes, a whole week ago), I was finishing sewing some of my Christmas presents for the family. At some point during the evening, the sewing machine needle went all the way through my finger and nail! For those sewers out there (Hi Alice! Hi Helen), I realize that this is not actually a big incident.  However, being the first time I had ever seen an object enter one side of my finger and come out the other, I freaked! And I screamed and shouted, but no one heard and came to my rescue (apparently our house is very sound proof).  So, I very slowly, backed the needle out of my finger, broke it in the process, and went screaming bloody murder into where my parents were calmly watching TV.

For the record, I am fine (although I still have a hole all the way through my finger).  Also, I learned that it is not necessary to go to the emergency room for this type of injury which is good, because, as you may remember, I am among the mostly uninsured. The injury also can, if you freak out enough or it hurts enough, cause your body to momentarily go into shock.  So, as I was lying on the floor and shaking and feeling cold and nauseous, my Dad tried to calm me and tell me he would take me to the hospital.  Of course, he had momentarily forgotten that we had no car because it was a snow emergency and during these we have to leave the cars at work since they are not allowed to park on the city streets.  Luckily, good friends are doctors who we called and woke up so they could reassure us that I would be fine and go over how to wash and care for the wound.

I am happy to report that after this, the holidays went much more smoothly.  There were no additional injuries but lots of ham, cheese, desserts, and presents.  My parents went up to visit the grandkids, my uncles came in to visit my grandma, my grandma turned 87 (today), and I spent two days home alone watching TV and talking to S via Skype.  I still wish I could have gone to Chile, but barring that and the needle in the finger incident, this was a wonderful holiday.  Tomorrow it is back to work.

PS The item I was sewing made it out of the accident with nary a drop of blood.



  1. OMG, I actually cringed and shuddered when I read about the needle in finger accident. Needles (any kind) make me nauseous (can’t even watch a shot being given on TV). I would have fainted on the spot if it had happened to me.

    Thank goodness you’re fine and that you’re well enough to type this post (:D). Glad the rest of your holidays were accident-free and that you had a lovely time.


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