Happy Birthday to ClareSays!


Clare Says turned 2 two days ago. Yes, she came to be on 12/16/06 with a post called Hello World! In that post, I talked about how this was an experiment to keep me in touch with friends and family back home while I embarked on my new adventures in Cambodia without filling their in-boxes with mass emails. 

Clare Says, way back then, also inhabitted a differrent spaceand hand a funky green layout. For posterity’s sake, that space continues to survive… but only in the past.  All of the posts and comments were imported to Clare Says when I decided to continue the experiment in a more permanent venue.

While many friends and family do not follow blogs and would probably have done better with a mass email, I am surprised when I find out people read who never comment (Hi Aunt Margaret! Hi Hannah! Hi Erin!).  Also, I can say that I have met some pretty nifty people through this.  Like Webbed feet; web log who I ran into in real world and who recognized me. Or like Kyle who I knew online long before meeting up for drinks.  Or many of the others I do not know personally and some that I have met.

P.S. The picture is from my 17th birthday in Chile (since we were just talking about celebrating things abroad). There is a tradition in Chile to make the birthday girl/boy kiss the cake.  This inevitably leads to people pushing the birthday boy/girl’s face into the cake.  As you can see, my friends were particularly vicious.  I, however, forgave them and the girl on the left, K-Ro, became my college roommate and is still a dear friend today.


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