Chile Group Blog: All I want for New Year is my 2 front teeth

Resident Expat suggested that as the New Years is approaching, we should blog about our resolutions. Generally, this group blog is very expat or Chile related.  Obviously this topic doesn’t have to be, so please feel free to contribute, wherever you are and whatever your resolution might be.

I can’t say I am a huge resolution person; generally I don’t make them.  I am more the little kid singing “all I want for Christmas is…” Before I tell you about what I want for Christmas though (which this year is doubling as my resolution), I want to tell you a story about my niece.

Last year, my niece, Mc, decided she should give gifts as well as receive.  This is a very important step in a child’s life when they realize they are not the center of the world and want to pick out presents for the people they love.  Being a diligent little child, she went about writing the list of people she should give presents to.  Her cousins made the list. Her parents made the list. Her Aunts made the list.  My dog, Harley, made the list. Except, when I say “Aunts”, I don’t mean me.  Nope. My dog made my list and I didn’t.

That said, a lot has happened in 2008. Mc came to visit me in Chile; I gave her summer in the middle of a cold US winter.  We had a birthday party at S’s house with a huge raspberry cake. I went to visit her at her home twice; stayed in her room once. She came to visit us in Wisconsin and S, my friend Bif, and I took her and her brother to Discovery World.  So, I have to say, I was pretty confident when this year’s list came out.  Verdict: Harley stayed on the list, S became the first non-biologically related Uncle or Aunt to make the list, and Aunt Clare is still conspicuously missing.

So… this brings the question… what do I want for Christmas and how is that my New Year’s resolution?  Well, I want to be with S, I want to get married, and I want to move (back) out of my parent’s home.  So, for Christmas, I would like a “real” job.  Barring that, and even with it, my New Year’s Resolution is to make my family whole.

I started today.  K-1 visa, here we come!  (More on the visa process and cost, but this post is a bit too long for that). While you hold your breath in anticipation of my K-1 visa progress updates, you should check out what other bloggers are resolving to do.  If you want to participate, please leave a note and I will add you to the list.

Participating blogs:

***Remember to check back up to and through New Year’s as I have a feeling this group blog will be filled with a spattering of postings when people find time between plane flights and 5 course meals.


  1. Hmm… good idea! I’ll participate.

    The group should think about doing a ‘blog exchange’ sometime too – where participants are randomly paired up and each writes a post on a set topic to be posted on the other’s blog. It’s a fun way to get different exposure and connect similar blogs.

    Oh, and Happy Bloggity Birthday!

  2. Hi Lauren. I am so glad you will participate. Leave me a comment when its up and ready. Also check back throughout the week for more posts. I have a feeling this time they are really going to stagger in.

    Interesting idea on the blog exchange.

  3. Clare

    I hope that the K1 visa process goes well for you. Your resolution is such a deeply personal and significant desire that I hope this time next year, you will be much closer to achieving that step!

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