2nd NaBloPoMo down – “S” still doesn’t get it

The background you need to understand this story is as follows:

  1. I have a paid blogging job.  It is not a long term job. It is just for 2 weeks, 10 posts. As far as I can tell, its not open to general public.
  2. S, my fiancee, does not understand why I blog or what I get out of it.
  3. Today is the end of National Blog Posting Month and I have done it.  I have posted every single day. Really. Go check it out.

Last night’s conversation via Skype because, yes, we are still on different continents:

Me: I am almost done with NaBloPoMo posting!

S: Really, you wrote all of them already?

Me: Yea. Well, I mean I have been doing it everyday.

S: So when do you get paid.

Me: Oh wait. No. Haven’t finished the paid blogging posts. Only have 5 of those done.

S: Out of how many?

Me: 10.

S: So why did you say you were almost done? That is only half.

Me: No, that I did the National Blog Posting Month.

S: Right. Yea. I know you did that. You put a sticker or something up.

Me: No…. silly…. that was LAST YEAR.  I am doing it this year too.

S: Why? You already did it!

That being all said and done, seems like a good point to put up another “sticker”.  Yay me!




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