Daily Archives: November 27, 2008



In 2003, I made Thanksgiving dinner for 250 people.  Not completely alone– but still with a fair amount of work.  It was for Peace Corp Moldova’s Thanksgiving party.  People either brought a dish or gave money.  The APCD provided 12 turkeys.  I was in charge of the 12 turkeys, stuffing, mashed potatoes.  I also made honey glaze carrots and Indian Rice, which I think of as a Thanksgiving must have.  It was fun; but a lot of work.  I figure it gets me out of the next 11 thanksgivings as cook.  This year, I did not cook; we had no turkey.  With Dan and Helen and my parents, we ordered out Indian food (yum), made frozen mango rum drinks, and watched Ninja Warrior.  It was fabulous!!

And, in case you don’t know what Ninja Warrior is, watch this: