Tofu recipe #1: Fried Pesto Tofu w/ Orzo

Kumichan was talking about her hubby’s eating habit the other day.  Fned asked for tofu recipes in the comments.  This is one of my favorites:




Olive oil


To make:

  1. Cut tofu into cubes.
  2. Heat pesto in a frying pan and add some extra olive oil.
  3. Add cubes of tofu, stirring frequently. The tofu will fry with pesto adhering to each piece.
  4. Make orzo according to directions.  When completed mix with a little pesto and add tofu chunks.
  5. Enjoy!

*** Also check out Part II (burgers) and Part III (thai inspired) in this tofu inspired series.


  1. Ooh, this sounds SO easy even I can make it (I say that seriously, I once put a frozen pizza in the oven, cardboard & plastic wrapping and everything!!! lol).

    Just one question…. what is Orzo?? (sorry, but I don’t think I’ve heard of this before… is it a sort of cereal, like rice or quinoa?)..

    Thanks Clare!!!


  2. Yea… sorry, meant to specify about the orzo. I think it is best this way… but I have also used plain old pasta, rice, couscous, or really any other grain. Quinoua might be good.

  3. Hey Clare!
    Just wanted you to know we made this recipe last night!! It came out delicious although a little heavy with the pesto sauce (I didn’t know how much to put in so I dumped the entire jar for a little square of tofu!) I made instant quinoua on the side and hubby loved it which is a good thing because he’s not a big fan of tofu… 😀

    Thanks again for posting this!! I

  4. Admittedly, the proportions are “to taste”. I made up the recipe, so there really is no science to it. For one block of tofu, I will usually use about 1/2 a jar and then add a bit more to the orzo (or whatever grain I have). Granted, a lot depends on how thick the pesto is. Sometimes you buy a jar and its really thick, then I use less and lots of olive oil so it spreads evenly with the tofu. Glad the hubby liked it.

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