Elevators are over rated

Today I waited for the elevator to take me down, so I could walk through the snow, get  in my car, and go home. There are 5 elevators and I am on the 11th floor.  The first elevator came was full and I didn’t fit.  Apparently none of the other elevators worked, so I waited for that one to come back– again almost full. I squeezed in.  We stopped at the 9th floor, two women didn’t fit. Again at the 7th, 6th, 4th, 3rd–still, no one fit.  Then, instead of continuing down, it shot us back up to the 11th floor.  We descended again, to meet with the same people. The continued to wait as we hit the 4th floor and ricocheted back up to the 11th.  And, then, we walked down.  Down 11 flights.  Down to the street where it was snowing, where it hadn’t been snowing 15 minutes earlier when we left the office.  Out I went, into the snow, into a long drive home and an even longer winter.


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